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Blueridge Wealth Solutions

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Blueridge Wealth Solutions works with motivated clients who aim to create a plan to secure and expand their family's wealth, while also producing a steady retirement income from their investments. Our most successful clients value the customized services we offer, including our impartial written financial plans, fee-only financial consultations on an hourly basis, asset-based wealth management options, and the option to access more traditional non-fiduciary financial products if desired.

 Many of our clients have told us they initially contacted us with concerns as they near or enter their retirement phase. Having successfully amassed wealth, they now seek guidance on minimizing risks and transitioning to derive income from their investments. Many desire advice on the most suitable age to start receiving Social Security benefits, as an improper decision can adversely affect their financial stability during retirement. Moreover, several clients who approached us often shared worries regarding the following matters: Anxiety about potential unpreparedness for retirement, resulting in sleepless nights. A general feeling of overpaying taxes and exploring intelligent tax reduction tactics for the present and future. Curiosity about the adequacy or necessity of their insurance coverage. Apprehension about fulfilling commitments and upholding living standards if either partner faces a long-term disability or sickness. Queries about the suitability of their existing asset allocation in relation to their age and circumstances. Questions regarding actions to take concerning old 401k funds from prior employer schemes after a career shift. Regular uncertainty regarding optimal investment choices given the prevailing market situations. A sense that they should improve budgeting and cash flow management. Struggling to strike a balance between leaving a legacy for their children or grandchildren without compromising their own retirement contentment.